Mobile users have a great way to let the developers know how they feel about the app. However, there is no way for developers to talk back to users, in the app or via the app store. It’s sad to see how developers are putting so much hard work in their apps but suffering due to bad reviews in the app store, sometimes it’s small things that could be easily resolved by communication between the developer and user.

A few months ago Google Play launched a feature where selected developers (developers who have Top Level Badge) can send a message back to users who left a bad review or requested new features. iTunes store still doesn’t provide anything.

You still have a choice – integrate a simple feedback mechanism in your app. This will allow users to talk directly to you, and you can talk directly back to them. This will help in reducing negative reviews and increasing positive reviews. We wrote an article on this top – 3 Reasons Why You Should Collect Mobile Feedback and Feedback Form for Your Mobile App.

Here is a visual walk-through on how you can help your mobile users, manage mobile feedback and go from 1 Star to 5 Stars.


When’s the last time you reached out and connected with your mobile users? Get Started Now – Communicate with yours.



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